A Complex Divorce Attorney in Somerset County, NJ

Unfortunately, during a complex divorce, the two parties must come to a reasonable agreement as to how assets, property, businesses, retirement funds, and other personal holdings should be divided. This is often the most arduous task when it comes to the dissolution of a marriage. During this time, it’s best to consult with a high asset or complex divorce lawyer to build the best case for your interests.

Short-term successes don’t always guarantee long-term well-being; thus, you need a competent and experienced complex divorce attorney looking out for your best interests. That’s where The Vigneault Law Firm comes in. We have both high asset divorce lawyers and complex divorce attorneys ready to assist during this difficult time in your life.

Our high asset divorce lawyers and child custody lawyers are specialists in all aspects of divorce proceedings. With years of experience assisting our clients in navigating the confusing and often frustrating divorce process, our high asset divorce law firm has the skills and resources to provide superior protection against unfair and unwarranted demands from a spouse.

High Asset Divorce Lawyer for High Net Worth Individuals

When it comes to the division of assets of a successful family, many things must be taken into consideration. Understanding the complexities surrounding an equitable distribution of holdings is something that only a complex divorce attorney can truly handle. You’ll need an asset protection lawyer to look out for your interests when a soon-to-be-ex faces you in arbitration and the courtroom.

That’s why residents in Monmouth, Bergen, Union, Morris, Essex, Middlesex, and Somerset counties rely on the professionals at a high asset divorce law firm like us. Our complex divorce lawyers can handle any type of end of marriage situation. From protecting your personal holdings to helping as a child support lawyer, you can trust our high net worth divorce lawyers to build a case that defends your livelihood and protects your long-term success.

An Asset Division and Protection Lawyer

Dividing your personal assets during separation and eventual divorce is a necessary component ensuring both parties have the means to begin new chapters in their lives. Yet, when one spouse breaks their marriage vow, they should be held accountable for their actions and the failure of the marriage. Our high asset divorce lawyers can help spouses who are now struggling with determining the right course of action when it comes to asset division with their ex-partner.

An Experienced Child Custody and Child Support Lawyer

Perhaps more contentious than asset division is the negotiation of child custody during a divorce. Our divorce lawyers also handle child custody cases, ensuring each parent gets access to the children based on their actions in the marriage. If you need a child custody lawyer to help you maintain contact with your children, contact The Vigneault Law Firm for an understanding and experienced complex divorce lawyer.

Domestic Violence Restraining Order Attorney

Domestic violence is a serious charge that needs to be handled by a professional law firm that understands the difficulties experienced during the incident. When you need a domestic violence restraining order defense presented in front of a judge, our complex divorce lawyers can assist with a robust case to protect you in and out of the courtroom. We’ll ensure all the facts are known and crafted a domestic violence restraining order defense that suits your individual situation.

The Vigneault Law Firm: High Asset and Complex Divorce Lawyers Are Here to Help You

Whether you need a high net worth divorce lawyer or a domestic violence lawyer, our law firm has the legal professionals to help you during this troubling time. Don’t leave the future of you and your children in the hands of an inexperienced attorney that doesn’t understand the New Jersey legal system. If you reside in Morris, Essex, Middlesex, or Somerset counties and need a complex divorce attorney to work for you, contact The Vigneault Law Firm.

Let us help ensure everything you’ve worked for is protected against the inequitable demands of another party. Call today!