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As a leading law firm serving the communities of North and Central New Jersey, The Vigneault Law Firm assists those who need counsel for family, immigration, and criminal matters. With a staff of family lawyers, divorce attorneys, custody attorneys, immigration lawyers, and domestic violence attorneys, our law firm features a wide range of legal specialists ready to help you or your loved ones in a time of need.

We are a trusted source for professional legal services, and our firm is proud to provide services for Morris County’s Domestic Violence Pro Bono Program, also known as The Battered Women’s Legal Advocacy Project (BWLAP). This important program serves our state’s most vulnerable victims, including women and children, who have nowhere else to turn.

If you are searching for a family, divorce, custody, immigration, or domestic violence attorney, look to the team at The Vigneault Law Firm. As a full-service family law firm that also specializes in immigration and criminal matters, we have the experience and resources to provide high-quality legal services for residents in Somerset, Morris, Essex, and Middlesex counties.

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The Vigneault Law Firm handles all Family, Immigration and Criminal Matters.

The Vigneault Law Firm is a well-known and recommended Law Firm serving primarily North and Central New Jersey. The firm works for Morris Countys County’s Domestic Violence Pro Bono Program known as the The Battered Women’s Legal Advocacy Project (BWLAP) a prestigious and important program that serves our countries most vulnerable victims including women and children with nowhere else to turn.

The Vigneault Law Firm is currently working on Family, Immigration and Criminal Law matters throughout the counties Somerset, Middlesex, Essex, Morris, Hudson, Bergen, Ocean, Monmouth and Hunterdon County.

When you choose the Vigneault Law Firm you are going with respected counsel who fights for you from the beginning until the end. We are well respected and recognized matrimonial and immigration attorneys in New Jersey, who can handle complex divorce as well as Complex immigration matters throughout the state.

Do not wait. Contact us online or give us a call today at 201-515-3070 for a free consultation.

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Qualified Immigration Lawyers That Know the Law

Our law firm provides legal services for all cases involving U.S. immigration. We offer efficient, effective, passionate, and affordable representation for anyone seeking legal immigration. Our team of immigration lawyers will also provide extensive information to applicants allowing them a unique opportunity to learn more about the process they are a part of. We pride ourselves on a client-driven approach to all immigration cases, distinguishing us from other law firms in this field of practice.

Criminal Defense Attorneys To Help When You Need It the Most

In times when you need a criminal defense attorney to represent you in court, you can count on the professionals at The Vigneault Law Firm to help. We have extensive experience in criminal law and dedicated defense attorneys specializing in all types of criminal cases. If you or someone you love is facing charges in a criminal matter, don’t settle for second-best when it comes to your legal defense! Choose the team at The Vigneault Law Firm for high-quality legal representation that will work hard for you in and out of the courtroom.

A Full-Service Family Law Firm Helping Central and North New Jersey Residents

If you live in Somerset, Morris, Essex, or Middlesex counties, and need a full-service family law firm to assist you with legal representation, now is the time to contact The Vigneault Law Firm. We have a variety of trained and experienced lawyers available to assist you with whatever difficulties you are facing. Our law firm has family, divorce, custody, immigration, and domestic violence attorneys on staff ready to help at a moment’s notice. Contact us now to receive a consultation and learn more about our range of legal services, including:

In-House Counsel When You Need Accurate Legal Information

All of our attorneys, including family, divorce, custody, immigration, and domestic violence lawyers, are available to provide in-house counsel when you need a clear and accurate explanation of legal information. Just give us a call to set up an appointment, and we’ll make sure your legal matter is handled with dedicated care and attention.

Choose the area’s leading family law firm now for all your legal needs. Our divorce, family, custody, domestic violence, and immigration lawyers are always here to listen and guide you through the complexities of the New Jersey legal system. We look forward to serving you!

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