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Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyers Serving the Residents of Somerset County, NJ

Sometimes in life, you can be faced with unexpected challenges. Some of those challenges might end up with you being charged for a crime and needing a criminal defense attorney — one that will perform an extensive investigation and work hard to secure your innocence in a court of law. That’s where the criminal defense lawyers of The Vigneault Law Firm come in.

With an extensive history working in the New Jersey criminal justice system, our criminal defense lawyers have the knowledge and resourcefulness to provide superior legal representation against any charges you may be facing.

If you live in the community of Monmouth, Bergen, Union, Somerset, Morris, Essex, or Middlesex County and need the help of a criminal defense lawyer, such as a protective order or restraining order attorney, contact the team at The Vigneault Law Firm.

A Knowledgeable DUI Lawyer Working for You

When facing a DUI/DWI charge in New Jersey, a defendant needs to have an attorney that knows the subtleties of the legal system. A DUI lawyer will examine all of the evidence and police reports to determine if your rights were violated. Just because you’ve been charged with a DUI/DWI doesn’t automatically mean you’re guilty. There are many factors that must be taken into account when presenting your case in front of a judge.

A knowledgeable DWI lawyer knows there are procedures that must be followed to charge someone with a DUI/DWI. If those rules aren’t obeyed by law enforcement, then they’ve failed to prove their case. At The Vigneault Law Firm, our DUI lawyers will make sure all parties involved with your charges followed the law. We’ll also make sure the circumstances surrounding an arrest are looked at thoroughly, ensuring your fair and rightful treatment.

Don’t take any chances when it comes to facing a DUI charge! Hire a DWI lawyer that will work diligently to prove your side of the case.

Domestic Violence Lawyer Services

Domestic violence is a serious issue and carries significant consequences for both the accuser and the accused. Cases involving domestic violence need to be handled by a competent law firm with educated domestic violence lawyers who know the law.

If you’re currently involved in a domestic violence case and need a legal representative looking out for your interests, contact The Vigneault Law Firm. Our offices serve Somerset, Morris, Essex, and Middlesex counties and have restraining order attorneys available to assist in whatever way we can.

You need a professional to assist you with your side of the story, and by hiring an attorney from The Vigneault Law Firm, you’ll know you have a legal expert working to help your story get told. In cases where a restraining order is involved, our firm provides protective order lawyers that know exactly what needs to be proven for an order to be legally binding.

The Vigneault Law Firm: Professional Criminal Defense Lawyers Serving Somerset County, NJ, and the Region

At The Vigneault Law Firm, our criminal defense lawyers are always here to provide professional legal assistance. We also offer these legal services to our clients:

If you need the help of a law firm that cares and makes every effort to ensure your side of the story is heard, contact The Vigneault Law Firm. Call today to schedule an appointment with one of our criminal defense lawyers. We’re always available to stand by your side.